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WiBotic Announces WiBotic PowerPad, the First Autonomous Wireless Charging Pad for Drones

WiBotic, a leader in wireless power and battery intelligence solutions for the robotics industry, today announced a new lightweight and compact version of its onboard charger for use on drones and small robots. Weighing only 46 grams (1.6 ounces) and measuring 70mm(l) x 48mm(w) x 17mm (h) (2.75” x 1.89” x .67”) the mini circuit board and associated antenna are simple to integrate into any drone. With the lighter onboard charger, operators of smaller drones and robots can take advantage of all the benefits of wireless power without being bogged down by excess weight.

“Battery charging is one of the biggest challenges facing the robotics industry, and reliable wireless power has opened a world of fabulous possibilities,” says Ben Waters, CEO of WiBotic. “The new lightweight and compact WiBotic onboard charger makes it possible to integrate reliable wireless charging into nearly all sizes of drones, opening up those possibilities to a much wider range of drone applications.”

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