• Gregg Smith

Wild Fire in SW Travis County 7-23-17

Sunday July 23rd brought some thunderstorms to the Austin, TX area. There were a few storms that grew in intensity and even became severe. One of the storms that passed through the area ignited a wild fire from a lightning strike.

The area didn't get any rain from the storm, but it did have a lightning strike that started a small wild fire that was quickly brought under control by the efforts of the Oak Hill Fire Department and members of the Travis County Emergency Services Starflight team. Starflight dropped buckets of water on the fire to help contain and control the spread of the fire. After doing a number of runs and dousing the fire with buckets of water, the fire seemed to be contained. The folks from Oak Hill Fire Department and neighboring stations went in on foot to help fight the fire and put out any remaining patches of fire.

The department setup a command center off Distant View Drive and Blue Hill Drive just West of the Thomas Springs Road and Highway 71 intersection.

The fire was located inside the nature preserve that has protected woodlands habitat for the endangered species of Golden-cheeked warbler's that call this part of Texas home. They use the Juniper (otherwise known in these areas as Cedar Trees) to build their nests. They use the strips of bark to build their nests, so they've set aside land here in central Texas to maintain habitat for them.

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