• Kelley Roberts

Another Look At The Matrice 200 Series

The new Matrice 200 Series, is it the best yet from DJI?

There are always a lot of opinions surrounding DJI. Most agree that they are dominating the industry and constantly work to develop the most innovative flight technology. With each new product launch, they are putting more distance between them and the competition. In typical DJI fashion, this past Sunday they launched the highly anticipated Matrices M200 series.

We saw this same pattern with the Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic, and the Inspire 2, so the M200 Series was no different.

Quick Overview:

The Matrice 200 Series is made up of three models, M200, M210, M210 RTK.

  • Aircraft Size: 716mm x 220mm x 236mm

  • Aircraft Weight: 3.80 kg (about 8.38 lbs)

  • Operation Range: 7 km (about 4.35 miles)

  • Max Flight Time: 38 mins

  • Ingress Protection: IP43 Level

  • Max Payload Capacity: 2 kg (about 4.41 lbs)


The M200 Series is designed for enterprise users and is the ultimate system for industrial operations.

  • Weather and water resistant body, so you can fly in a wide range of environments.

  • Foldable body for quick and easy setup

  • High-performance motors

  • 17-inch Propellers

  • Dual-Battery power system, which heats battery, enabling the system to fly in sub-zero temperatures.

  • Obstacle avoidance sensors (forward, upward, and downward-facing).

  • Pilot View camera for first-person-view (FPV), which allows the pilot to easily maintain orientation even when the gimbal-mounted device is focused elsewhere.

  • Compatible with 4 payloads: X4S, X5S, XT thermal and Z30 zoom cameras,

  • DJI AirSense, which is an integrated ADS-B receiver designed to enhance airspace safety.

  • Traveling Case

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